DIY Grounding Kit

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DIY Grounding Kit

Post  S14Tan on Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:48 pm

DIY Grounding Kit


Pretty easy to do, and a real benefit for early 1990s Japanese cars. The method is pretty straight forward.

Difficulty: **

Time: 1 hour or less

Cost: <$50


- Propane torch (pick one up at the parts store)
- Pliers, large vice grips, wire snips for the solder
- Razor for cutting the insulation
- Something to cut the wire (I used my Dremel)


- 2-3 feet of 2g wire from an auto parts store.
- Several sets of 2g battery button connectors (copper ring connectors)
- Solder


First, take 3/4" of insulation off of one end of the wire.

Next, take 1" of solder, bend it into a little ball, and stick it in the ring terminal. Lock the ring terminal into the vice grips.

Melt the solder. You will need to have the terminal about half full of melted solder. It will take about 2-3 feet total of solder to get the terminal half full.

Now, with the solder melted, insert the stripped end of the wire into the terminal. Let it sit for a moment, then hit it with cold water.

Now take the finished end out to your car, and figure out where you want to ground from. Having one end finished, you can mount it and get an accurate idea of total length. Take the piece back in, cut the wire to length, and install the other terminal. Take note of the angle you will need each end to be, because the wire won't twist very well.

Mount it up, and go make some more. I did one from the intake manifold to the firewall, and one from the exhaust side valve cover to the firewall (in addition to the one from the intake mani to the fender). Enjoy the smoother idle and better charging!


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