Increasing Engine Bay Venting

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Increasing Engine Bay Venting

Post  ritz on Sat Nov 08, 2008 3:01 pm

(stolen from NICO's 240sx Tech site)


Prop the back of the hood up on spacers to increase cooling at idle and low speeds. JDM TITE!

Difficulty **

Time: 1 hour

Cost: less than $5


- 12mm socket wrench and ratchet


- 4x 2" bolts the same diameter and thread pitch as your hood bolts
- 2" pipe connectors (plumbing section of hardware store)

Spacer/bolts installed


This is pretty self explanatory. Simply put the spacer on the bolt and remount the hood. Make sure to not tighten them all the way down until you check the hood clearance. If you have an S13 w/ stock pop ups, make sure they do not hit the hood when opening/closing. Once all looks good, simply tighten the bolts and enjoy the cooling.

Effect: I have an aftermarket temp gauge sourced off the upper radiator hose, and at idle in Texas in August (HOT and HUMID), idle temps dropped ~6*. There is little benefit for this if you do all your cruising at track speeds, but for low speed air flow, its a hard mod to beat. Some like the looks (me included), but I did this for the benefit, not for the aesthetics.


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