The Clutch Kick

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The Clutch Kick

Post  ZtheD on Tue Dec 09, 2008 5:51 pm

As a request I am posting this form of Drifting.

To clutch kick drift, is a simple and commonly used drift technique. The basics of the Clutch Kick is to have you RPM's at a reasonable point usually around the 4-5.5k RPM range. When coming around a corner, have you left foot on the clutch,engage the clutch at the range previously said (engage- to let off the clutch pedal, disengage- to press the clutch pedal). the sudden engaging of the clutch will cause a jump in power to the rear wheels causing them to lose grip DO NOT press pedal right after engaging the clutch allow for lose of grip before pressing the pedal. Counter steer to control drift and press pedal to keep in 4-5.5k RPM range.

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