Best Drift for Certain Turns

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Best Drift for Certain Turns

Post  ZtheD on Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:59 pm

Ive been drifting in my miata for while and taking all different kinds of turns with different types of drifts. For all who drift, you know the basic drifts, Clutch kick, E-Brake, and Power Over. Then you have the more advanced Faint, Lift Off, and Braking. I have found that you can take most 90 degree turns with the 3 basic types and wide 180 degree turns with the 3 advanced types. Those are the styles most professionals use for those types of turns and that is my style as well. But, what about other type of turns? Such as "S" turns and hairpins? With "S" turns I have found many ways to drift them and able to connect them. You can use a combination of drifts such as e-brake to take the first turn then do a power over to do the second turn, or Braking for the first and faint with the second. The most fun combination would be a clutch kick for the first and a power over with the second, this combination was always the most fun and easiest to control and connect. Now with Hairpins, this is where E-brake becomes a more advanced style and should only be used if you are skilled with the E-Brake. Other styles that could be used with Hairpins are Power Over and Clutch Kick. Power Over techniques on Hairpins should be done at slower speeds (20-30mph), for the fact that it could cause you to spin out or slam into the wall (i found out the hard way). Now with Lift Off drifts, the best turns to use them on would be Wide 180 turns or wide (high speed) 90 degree or less. This is my style of drifting, it is a basic yet advanced style of drifting, and if someone feels that they want to use my technique, they are allowed. Using this technique does take practice and does take skill. To master this technique of drifting, one must also master the "Heel-Toe" as well. If you feel that you wanna post your techniques on here for other people to use to create they're own technique, please do. This post is to help other drifters to learn and create techniques and styles of their own.

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